Spotlight: Developer Xavier Decuyper

Who are the people behind the technology that we love so much? We know the products, the websites, the online personalities but we want to learn more! 

Every week here at, we will spotlight a company, developer or person that supports Apple users by creating solutions or entertainment for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other platforms we all use and love by asking them to answer seven questions.

This week, we turn our attention to Xavier Decuyper, Developer of OneHighlighter


1 – How did you get your start in technology?

My first real contact with technology was when my father and I builded a desktop computer. I think it contained a Pentium 2 and ran Windows 95 or 98. I was pretty young back then, but I watched (and tried to help) my dad with building the computer. Afterwards he would put me on his lap and let me control the mouse while he was playing Solitaire. It was great! As I got older I started using the computer on my own. Everything was in English so I learned that pretty quickly. Soon I was also taking baby steps on the internet (still dial-up). 

Really awesome to look back on that! 

2 – What is your favorite computer of all time?

That would be my first bought computer: the first model of the Unibody MacBook Pro. I bought it in 2008 and after 8 years it still rocks (with a lot of upgrades).

It had an dual-core Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz) with just 2GB of RAM. I upgraded the RAM twice: the first time to 4GB and then discovered that 8GB was supported when you installed a new BootROM. I also removed the SuperDrive and installed a SSD. That made everything really fly!

3 – Tell us about your latest product

My latest product is a macOS app called OneHighlighter. It’s a simple tool that lives in your menubar and can highlight code snippets that you’ve copied to your clipboard. It’s pretty simple. I created it because I recently started using OneNote to keep track of interesting pieces of code, how-to’s, passwords, … 

I figured other people might like it as well so I published it for free on the Mac App Store.

I also have a blog where I post projects that I hope others will find interesting. Just yesterday I wrote one about using Trello and AWS Lambda to create a weekly meal planner.

4 – What was your first job?

My first job is actually my current job. I’m currently working as a prototyper for a large bank in Belgium. I’m responsible for checking out new technologies and building prototypes with them. It’s pretty nice! Before that I had an internship of 4 months and a few summer jobs here and there (mostly PHP development).

5 – What advice would you give to younger people just getting into technology?

Kind of a weird question to ask to someone who’s is only 22. Anyway, my advise would be to use cloud technologies and learn about machine learning and AI. These are interesting topics which will define the future of computing (well it’s already starting!).

6 – Who was your inspiration? 

When I started out I really looked up to Steve Jobs and the work that he has done with Apple. I love the design and simplicity of their products. With all the stuff I create, I try to make it as simple as possible.

More recently I’m inspired by Elon Musk. He looks like a crazy smart guy who not only builds and runs companies but also is a tech head! He’s not afraid to risk it all and I admire that a lot!

7 – Where can people follow you online, and what is your website?

People can follow me on Twitter and read my blog.
I recently also launched a YouTube channel with video tutorials

Suggestions for next blog posts or video’s are always appreciated!

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