MightyShell + Faceplate Review

MightyShell + Faceplate for the iPhone 6
Company: Speck Products
Price: $59.95 iPhone 6 $69.95 iPhone 6 Plus

mightyshellAre you looking for a strong case for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus that protects the body of the phone and also protects the screen and looks great? The MightyShell + Faceplate from Speck might be the case you are looking for. Starting at $59.95 for the iPhone 6 you get a great case that comes with a screen protector.

The case itself is available in six multicolor designs. My review unit was the carrot orange/speck blue/slate grey option. I really liked the color combination and how nice it looks on the phone. With the case you get a matching screen protector (the faceplate) that is a thick plastic type of screen protector with a molded plastic on the top and bottom of the screen and on the edges adding more color to the phone.

I found it very easy to put the case on my phone. However, getting it out takes some effort. This is not the phone protector you want to be playing musical cases with. What amazed me is how light my phone felt in the case. Somehow it actually felt lighter.

The faceplate applies like any other screen protector. If you don’t clean the surface of your phone before applying you will end up with bubbles. What I really like about the faceplate is that it is not connected to the case. If you scratch it up you can remove it and apply another screen protector. I would love to see Speck sell the Faceplate on its own for that reason, or for those who want to mix up the color combinations.

When it comes to protection this case has you covered. Speck says it meets a “2x Military drop test standard” which I tend to believe. The case will definitely protect your phone in almost any kind of drop. It is made of a thick edge (although not as thick as some other cases) that has the feel of rubber around the edges and a thinner plastic back. The button are covered and the ports and mute switch are exposed. The lip on the front is about 2mm thick so no worries about the screen hitting the ground in a fall.Even if it did the faceplate should do a nice job protecting it with 2x shatter protection. There is that same thickness around the camera on the back.

While I didn’t try shattering my iPhone screen I did test the faceplate by scratching it with some keys. I scratched pretty hard and could not make a mark on the faceplate. I decided to see what happened with scissors and that instantly scratched it. However, you are more likely to have keys touching the screen and not scissors.

Now onto the usability of the case. The edges of the cMightyShell + Faceplate have a textured surface that give the case a non-slip feel. It is great in your hands, but I had issues getting it in and out of my pockets. I could get it out, but it kept getting stuck from gripping my pants which are not skin tight.

The other issue I had was with the mute switch. The thickness of the case made it hard for me to reach the mute switch. Someone with longer fingernails might not have an issue, but I found it difficult. It also felt a little too big for my liking in my pocket with this type of case on my phone.

Overall, the MighyShell + Faceplate is a case worth considering for your iPhone. It offers great protection for all sides of your phone. It might seem a little pricey at $59.95 (you can purchase the MightyShell without the Faceplate for ten dollars less), but you are getting a great looking case that will definitely keep your phone safe.

MyMac.com Reviews Rating 8 out of 10.

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