TechFan #194 – The Case

The Case Show! Well, kinda. In answer to Neil’s question last week, FaceBook and Twitter weigh in on the case question for smart phones. Also, is Apple’s software getting worse? Apple also stopped the Single of the Week promotion, and Tim, David, and Owen discuss this and many other topics.

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2 thoughts on “TechFan #194 – The Case

  1. I have had iPhones since the v1. As the first one cost me A LOT of money I bought a no brand silicone case in the style of a car tyre for about £5 UK. As luck would have it that case also fitted my 3G just as well.
    With the 4 I didn’t really want to hide the lovely phone but I was worried about the back glass. So I bought a no brand clear “super slim” polycarbonate case for about £8 UK that protected the back and sides. When I moved on to the 5 I decided to continue that idea and purchased a similar no brand super slim polycarbonate case in a clear “smoke” colour for about £8 UK too.

    Currently I have a new iPhone 6 Space Grey and no case. Waiting for a “super slim” polycarbonate case from Designed by M to arrive – however I am beginning to wonder if as you said the loss of the rounded glass edge will make me decide to go caseless.

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