MyMac Podcast 528: Apple’s Cash Machine

Guy’s still in Florida? No probe for Gaz as he gets Karl Madden from the Mac & Forth Podcast to join him. They talk about Apple’s fiscal year and their seemingly unstoppable cash generating machine

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Gaz’s Tip: ctrl + eject brings up a submenu to put the Mac to sleep
ctrl + shift + eject instantly puts the Mac to sleep
cmd + Option (alt) + power instantly also instantly puts the Mac to sleep (for MacBooks)
Now to add a message to the lock screen you can
Right if you go to the Security & Privacy preference pane, then under the General tab, you then tick the checkbox Show a message when the screen is locked and add your message. I don’t think the message shouldn’t be longer than about 200 so make your message short and sweet.
Guy’s App Pick: Who cares he’s not here.
Gaz’s Pick: Can’t help myself Yosemite
Karl’s Pick: City Planner from Karl for the IOS
Karl’s Pick Tip Pick: Camera+ Via the IOS App Store.
People’s Pick: From MacTopics over Twitter both for the Mac and IOS devices
£23.99 UK €29.99 Euro $42.99AUD & $33.99 For the Mac Version
IOS £6.99 UK €8.99 Euro $12.99AUD & $9.99 For the IOS Version

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