MyMac Podcast #471: Surf’s UP! But Guy Probably Won’t Be

OK Gaz is BACK and the tow GMen will NEVER ever take a week off again! Until next week when Guy won’t be here. Never mind great, very eclectic kind of show this week. Guy and Gaz talk about Fiji, Florida, Surfing, new kids on the block at G+, the ways our great listeners think we can improve the show, amongst many topics. Guy finished out his conversation with Erick Diaz (thanks again Erick!) from last week talking about what they think is coming up at Apple’s next event, and so much more!

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Guy’s App Pick: CoPilot Live Premium HD by ALK Technologies. $14.99 at the iTunes App Store. I use this over both Apple Maps and Google Maps.
Gaz’s App Pick: Popclip from Pilotmoon. $4.99 or £2.99 with a  Free Trial.
People’s Pick: From Paul Bartlett,  iThoughts by toketaware software

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