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MyMac Podcast #341

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With all that’s happening right now in Japan, the Podcast urges all our listeners to please go to iTunes and make a donation to the Red Cross to help with their relief efforts, or any other relief organization that is helping the people of Japan right now. Every little bit helps.

The new iPad 2 from Apple gets quite a going over with a discussion started with an email from John Nemo. Lots of feedback from Twitter and JollyJap calls Guy a big Yank Tank. Was Gaz able to get himself an iPad while in Nashville? Ding Dong the Zune looks to be dead and Safari lasts for about 5 seconds at Pwn2Own. Lastly, AT&T thinks that putting on a 150GB cap for broadband service is a great idea because of the alleged online habits of 2% of their customers…Really?

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