Free Calls to Japan

While MyMac typically does not publish press releases, I thought the information from one I received today to be important enough to post here,

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Even more AT&T fail- iPad with 3G more expensive

AT&T has announced new data plans for mobile Internet, claiming these plans will make it “more affordable to more people…”, but this is just not so. One giant hole in this make it more affordable idea is there is no longer an unlimited data plan for iPad customers. That kind of makes this a LOT more expensive actually, not more affordable as AT&T claims.

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iPhone + AT&T: Secrets and Surprises

Here I sit, money in hand, ready to plunk down $499 x 2, plus buy my way out of SunCom for a hundred or two, plus sign up with AT&T for two years. I’m obligating myself for at least $2,200 EXTRA for a couple of cell phones.

Without knowing how much AT&T will charge?

Not bloody likely!

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