Alpine Crawler for Mac

Alpine Crawler
Price: FREE
Sometimes, although not often, a “one trick pony” is fine, if the one trick it does is worthwhile. With Alpine Crawler, I think that’s true. Simple, mindless fun? Nothing wrong with that!

A ported iOS game, Alpine Crawler works well on the Mac, without the intuitive controls you would enjoy on the iOS platform. The premise is very simple: get from point A to B before time runs out. You don’t get to steer, and you only control acceleration and deceleration. (Gas and break.) Go too fast, you may crash when you leap over a small rise. Too slow, and you may not make it up the next big hill or cross the finish line in time.

Your pickup truck (Is that a mid-80s Ford F-150? Sure looks like it, although the faux wood panels are right out of the mid-70s, early-80s) will crash. Unlike realistic games which would show your truck exploding, your driver violently ejected from the vehicle, in Alpine Crawler the truck seems to be made out of a jelly-like material, which allows it to bounce and, well, wiggle while in the midst of crashing and sliding upside down.

Alpine Crawler is a fun game, with only three buttons to push: the Up arrow to speed you along, and the down arrow, to slow you. The space bar switches you from forward to reverse. There is no left or right, and sadly no user preferences to chance modifier keys, or play with a mouse.

Still and all, at the end of the day, Alpine Crawler is a fun ten minute time waster that looks good on your screen in either a window or full screen (even on my 27″ iMac), the gameplay is smooth and solid, and it’s fun. For free, what more could you really ask for? Rating: 8 out of 10.

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