Griffin PowerBlock Plus

PowerBlock Plus
Company: Griffin Technologies

Price: $34.95

Wall wart chargers are a bane of gadget-lovers existence. It always seems that when you’ve plugged in your gadget’s particular charger, you just used up the last free wall socket. Even more frustrating is when the charger is bulky enough to cover up one or possibly two sockets on your power strip!

Griffin Technologies’ PowerBlock Plus is one answer to this problem.

It’s a 2.1 amp iPod/iPad/iPhone charger that has a second socket that provides a second AC socket. This amperage output assures a fast charge rate. You can plug anything you wish into the pass-through socket while charging your Apple device. The PowerBlock Plus uses one socket, but you get one back.

Traveling abroad? The PowerBlock Plus will accept 100-240 volt AC current, assuming you have the proper AC plug adapter for your locale. Be aware that the pass-though AC socket outputs only 125 volt AC.

My only question is, why did Griffin name it “PowerBlock?” It would be better described as “PowerUnblock,” as the AC pass-though effectively unblocks an AC socket!
I like reviewing gadgets that just work. The PowerBlock Plus just works. While the retail price is a bit spendy, you can find it for less at the usual on-line locations.

MyMac review rating 10 out of 10

One thought on “Griffin PowerBlock Plus

  1. Pretty neat looking device. Not sure I’ll get one, just because I don’t know if I can justify $35 for one, but if I ever lost the little power block that came with my iPhone, I certainly would.

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