10,000 Dollars – You’re ‘aving a laugh!
MyMac Podcast 330

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David Cohen
Joins Gazmaz as Guy is traveling with Tim to Macworld, lucky them.
We look at the articles on the web site, and I also interview Mike Bombich the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner. David in the last segment chats with Gaz about Ram, iPad stability, a Brit winning the 10 Billionth App prize and plenty more
The Macworld Expo is coming SOON and Tim and Guy will be on the Main Stage at 12 on Saturday the 29th of January! In the meantime start listening to Tim and Dave on the TechFan Podcast or ELSE!
Send an email to gaz@mymac.com with woodpad in the subject line to win one of these for your iPad. Competition

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MyMac Podcast 330

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