Griffin Stylus for iPad versus Just Mobile AluPen

By Guest Reviewer Jackie Richards, and John “Nemo” Nemerovski

Stylus for iPad
Company: Griffin Technology
Price: $20
Product web page

Compan: Just Mobile
Price: $25
Product web page

Jackie loves her Griffin iPad Stylus, with its short stub length and round shape. She wouldn’t use the pocket clip, but she thinks many men and some women will be glad to have the clip. Jackie threaded a thin pink ribbon through the lanyard loop end, to help her keep track of the stylus.

The round capacitive tip is precise and sensitive enough for detailed artistic drawing, and it is handy for pointing and poking an iPad’s screen, as appropriate. Holding down the stylus on an iPad with constant, gentle pressure, activates popup windows in her drawing program.

“It’s better than a long fingernail, Nemo,” for creative work, and the stylus is “like a third hand once you become accustomed to it.” Using the ArtStudio iPad app is easy, including sliding for continuous drawing, and delicate contact “for a light, artistic touch when I need it. This stylus is very addictive, and it saved my sanity on my recent trip to Florida because I used it so much when I was stranded indoors for days and hours during the hot summer weather.”

Jackie “got so used to it with the iPad” that she took it from me and refuses to return it, so I’ll have to buy another one for myself. “Tell your readers the size and touch of the capacitor tip is excellent for all purposes, John.”

She says Just Mobile’s AluPen is more businesslike than compatible with artistic use, and she recommends it for men or women who prefer its size and shape. Because of its six flat sides, AluPen writes or draws in one hand position, and isn’t as versatile as Griffin’s stylus. “It’s heavier and it takes more effort to use it, and it’s very stabby because of that limited holding angle. AluPen isn’t suited to my hand, but it is definitely a product that will appeal to a professional.

“For my woman’s hands, Nemo, the Just Mobile stylus is too chubby and not comfortable. A businessman or a techie will probably think it’s just fine for desk use because it will be a little heavy in a pocket. One good thing about the hexagonal shape is you can’t lose it by rolling away, but there is no way to secure it.”

Jackie describes the “strong stroke” from AluPen’s wider tip as a terrific white board marker on an iPad app, but this stylus is “heavy in my hand — too weighty for hours of continuous work. For me this weight, combined with its shape and size, throws off the balance, combined with its shape and size. I recommend this device as being best for accessing movies, videos, and slide shows, or doing presentations.”

MyMac Reviews Ratings

Griffin Stylus for iPad: perfect 10 out of 10, with her highest recommendation

Just Mobile AluPad: 7 out of 10

7 thoughts on “Griffin Stylus for iPad versus Just Mobile AluPen

  1. While I have no experience with Alupen, I do have the Griffen stylus. It was love at first site. I’ve tried the rest, and this is the best! My only gripe is that it is too short… Forcing me to draw at an awkward angle, or suffer the inevitable stray palm marks… Ugh.

    HOWEVER, after about a week of use, the rubber tip fell off, and will only stay on for a stroke or two after putting it back on (once losing it in the darn couch for a day!). Griffin support (a day after reporting, still no response from them… Grrrr)

    I’m not complaining about the stylus… I truly love it. I just wanted to chime in and mention its poor construction. As always, YMMV… But, I can’t truly be alone! Frankly, I’m sad, because I really loved it.

    What we artists need, truly, is a BIG ( not necessarily thick, like Alupen) stylus, like the Wacom stylii. They’re also weighty and perfectly balance in your hand. Finally, there MUST be a Bluetooth version, that integrates with pressure sensitivity… That would be killer!!

    In the meantime, I might check out the new Targus stylus, since it seems to be similar to the Griffin, but better built (hopefully)!

    On a side note, I’ve tried some DIY versions (eww) the Dagi (awkward!) and the new Pogo stylus (ehhhh… Ok) … So, vie tried a lot, and these are the best so far (Griffen, Alupen and Targus.)

    Thanks for the review!

  2. The Alupen is definitely not overpriced. I have used 3 different styluses for my iPad & trust me, this is the only one which is any good. The coverage of the nib is so wide that it’s effectively “pressure sensitive” & it’s shape is so easy to hold.

    Honestly, this is a really good buy, I regret trying cheap alternatives.

  3. Can you comment on writing with these rather than just drawing? I want to take notes by hand on my iPad and can’t decide on a stylus. I’m not in the US so every purchase involves expensive postage and a lengthy wait. Consequently, I can’t just buy a bunch of them and try them all out.

  4. I don’t know if anyone is still following for comments, but I have used both, and I really like both. I’ve probably tried just about every one out there. Most are either too short or too narrow. The Alupen is amazing to hold. Nice and sturdy, my hand doesn’t start cramping after 10 minutes like it does with the smaller onnes.

    I, too, had an issue with the Griffin tip falling off. It just happened last night, so no experience with their customer service yet. I’ll follow up with a post here to let folks know.

    For folks asking about using the pens with apps like Penultimate, I use it with both it and Manage; works great with both of them.

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