Where have all the Guy’s gone?
MyMac Podcast 313

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It’s lonely over here!
Gaz finds himself with no one to play with, but whats this? The listeners save the day with two, yes read it, TWO Skype callers, and a review on the new iPod Nano from listener Jeremy North (Thanks Jeremy!).
Gaz responds to one of the Skype callers who asks a question about converting vCards into a txt or flat file format, Gaz has some brief thoughts about the copycats coming in with their iPad clones.
Don’t forget the discount from Ambrosia Plug in the discount code at checkout for 15% off ANYTHING at Ambrosia Software (PSSSST! The code is mymac15).
Tim’s new podcast is ALSO now out. If you liked OWCRadio, you’ll love TechFan!
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