DotHub – Review

Company: Macally

Price: $19.99

One of the attributes of Macally’s 4-port hi speed USB2.0 DotHub is its size. It’s a small square. At a little under 2-inches square it takes up no more space than a small brownie (except it’s white) and because it’s small the company says it’s a great accessory to use with a laptop. That’s undoubtedly true, but I found it also made a very unobtrusive accessory for my desktop. Half the time I forget it’s there.

The DotHub comes with a USB port on top and one on each of three sides. The fourth side has ports for a DC connector and USB connector for the computer. It’s Mac and PC compatible. There are any number of USB hubs on the market, of course. I like this one better than the others I own mainly because there is only one port on each side, so there’s nothing to block those big clunky usb connectors that come with some devices. The DotHub is simplicity itself.

MyMac Rating: 5 of 5

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