Apples2Oranges – App Review

It sounds like some mysterious “fruit transmogrifier,” but Ilium Software’s Apples2Oranges iPhone/iPod Touch app is actually a measurement unit converter on steroids, capable of translating between different units of measurement while revealing which of the two products you’re comparing is the most nutritious, or the better buy.

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MyMac Podcast 226 – Dom Sagolla

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iPhone developer Dom Sagolla joins us this week to talk about his company, Dollar App, growing up with computers and MIT, and the creation and future of Big Words. Sam Levin returns with an all-new Cool Mac Picks, and David and Tim announce the winners of the Speck Products and Joesoft – Prosoft Engineering contest!

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Links from the show:
Big Words
Speck Products
Prosoft Engineering
Western Digital 500GB My Passport for Mac

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Our intrepid reviewer, Owen Rubin, reviewed these fine Rickshaw bags on 10-30-08. His incisive review and great photos are a must for those needing a quality messenger-style bag. At the MWSF ’09 show Owen introduced me to Mark Dwight, owner and designer of these pragmatic and stunning bags. At the time I was carrying my MacBook around in a smallish backpack, along with MacWorld materials, and running out of room. Owen said, “come with me. I know exactly what you need.”

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Acer 22-inch Monitor – Review

What! An Acer product sullying the site with its PC foulness? Yes, this is a review for an Acer product. When a product that works with a Mac is a great value, then we should not automatically dismiss it just because it doesn’t have an Apple logo or that its parentage is from a company that competes in many of the same markets that Apple does. It should be judged by its merits not by who makes it.

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