ToughSkin for iPhone 3G – Review

Speck’s ToughSkin for iPhone 3G
Company: Speck Products

Price: $34.95 USD

Imagine your typical morning routine, hurriedly typing an email response to your boss as you stand in line at the local Starbucks when the unimaginable happens. The customer ahead of you swings their book bag over their shoulder, connecting with the most important part of your body, the arm holding your brand new iPhone 3G. Suddenly, caffeine is forgotten, and your world enters an agonizing slow motion view of your prized possession about to slam into the polished floor.

If you are an iPhone owner, this nightmare has played in your head at least a dozen times since adopting your new best friend! Speck Products has the solution to make sure you sleep well at night. The ToughSkin’s rugged rubber case’s composition offers protection and options that outshine other cases. The thick rubber protects against bumps and modest falls to the floor.

The ToughSkin case starts with a plastic framework, which you place on your iPhone prior to inserting it into the heavy-duty sleeve. The framework aligns with the rubber exterior and secures your iPhone to the case. The rubberized case is textured with deep grooves, which allow for superior gripping even with sweaty palms. The bottom of the case is hinged and can fold back to allow your phone easy docking access (A wide opening at the bottom of the case allows most accessories to dock directly through the case). The ToughSkin case even comes with a removable belt-clip, with 360-degree rotation, which also acts as a platform for viewing in either landscape or portrait positions. The case will fit directly into relaxed fitting jeans, or the belt cradle can house your phone (with screen facing the interior) for additional protection and easy accessibility.

As an active individual, my ideal protective case was literally…protective. The ToughSkin’s muscular appearance and solid black color may not win any modeling contracts, however, it will offer added safety and security to your fast paced lifestyle. For trips to the store, exercising, and even a full day of rollercoaster’s at an amusement park, the ToughSkin case proved itself as a top competitor. The belt-clip’s ability to easily rotate allows for quick adjustments or accessibility when necessary.

*Heavy duty design
*Hinged opening for docking
*Removable belt-clip/cradle
*Tabletop stand
*Full access to controls and sensors

*Substantially larger size
*No screen protective film provided
*Belt-clip occasionally snags on clothing

Highly Recommended!

My Mac rating: 4.5 out of 5

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