Sportsuit Convertible for iPhone 3G

Sportsuit Convertible for iPhone 3G
Company: Marware

Price: $34.99 USD

The Sportsuit Convertible for iPhone 3G is a versatile neoprene sport case manufactured by Marware. Primarily designed for the athlete in all of us, the comfortable armband is the Sportsuit’s greatest attribute. To sweeten the purchase, you still have the option to wear the case using a belt-clip or to place directly in a pocket or purse. A removable key/money holder is included along with a screen protector and microfiber cloth.

As a resident of Tampa, Florida, I endured an exceptionally hot summer and initially was concerned about using an armband that could slip due to excess sweat or become too uncomfortable to wear. The neoprene armband withstood the test, remaining comfortable and secure while running, biking and canoeing (Please note, this case is NOT waterproof). Accessing the iPod, text messages and even an email or two was performed nearly error free. The vinyl screen cover occasionally needed to be adjusted to lie flat against the iPhone’s screen to ensure good contact.

The case (identified as ‘the sleeve’ by Marware) fits snugly and showed no signs of losing its cargo. So snugly, that when removing the iPhone the vinyl screen acts as a suction cup and requires an added finesse to remove. For the ‘younger’ generation (I have friends in their early 20’s), the sleeve’s appearance required a facelift. While the external image may not impress your friends, the secure hold and comfort while exercising provides ample respect for the Sportsuit. The basic belt-clip does not swivel, however, it allows for a low profile when worn under an article of clothing.

I would recommend comparing other sport armband cases to Marware’s Sportsuit Convertible to allow for a personal assessment. The slim style is excellent for an active lifestyle, however, covers up the exceptional design of the iPhone 3G. Are you in the market for a pleasurable workout or prefer to run with a “shiny case” which may end up crashing to the ground because it becomes slick?

*Armband, Belt-clip, and sleeve (3-in-1 capability)
*Slim style
*Protective film(with limitations)
*Includes microfiber cloth and removable key holder
*Lifetime Marware Guarantee

*Minimal protection if case were dropped
*Covered external buttons (silent/ring button poses difficulty)
*No swivel on belt-clip

My Mac rating: 3 out of 5

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