Macspiration 101
DVD Bookmarking

Recently, I wanted to show one of my classes a few sections of a DVD. The DVD was not broken into chapters, so I could not count of skipping through the video with them. After searching the menus in Apple’s DVD Player, I discovered Bookmarks.

Bookmarks allows you to create your own chapters in a DVD video, and it could not be any easier to do.

The first thing you need to do is have DVD Player open. Next go to the “Windows” menu and make sure “Bookmarks” is checked. If it is the window below will open.

To make a bookmark you need to get to the spot in the DVD that you want to mark. Click the “+” in the lower left of the “Bookmarks” window. Enter a name for the bookmark, or not. The bookmark you just created will show up in list. Continue making as many bookmarks as you need.

*The bookmarks in the above image are blurred for copyright reasons. Your bookmarks will be a clear and crisp screen cap of the moment in the movie you are marking.*

To play the video from any of your bookmarks click the specific bookmark.

It is that simple! The great thing is that the bookmarks will be remembered the next time you insert the DVD (assuming you are on the same computer).

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