Toast 11

Roxio’s Toast began as a simple way to burn optical media, CDs then DVDs; it slowly became the preferred way to do so until

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Review – Popcorn 4

Tired of the kids using your expensive DVDs as coasters? Maybe its time to make extra copies so you don’t have to figure out how to get jam off your DVDs before you stick them in your player. See what Popcorn 4 from Roxio can do for you.

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Get Backup 2.2.5 – Review

As its name imply, Get Backup is a backup program. But it also serves a dual role as a sync application. Is it worth your time and money? New contributor Steve Hammond takes a look!

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Toast 9 Titanium – Review

Roxio’s Toast has long been the software of choice for reliable and flexible CD and DVD burning on Mac and PC. In recent years Roxio has slowly and steadily added features, generally made improvements to the working of the product and changed the interface of the software… it isn’t entirely Mac-like – not that it is in any way off-putting.

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Macspiration 101
DVD Bookmarking

Recently, I wanted to show one of my classes a few sections of a DVD. The DVD was not broken into chapters, so I could not count of skipping through the video with them. After searching the menus in Apple’s DVD Player, I discovered Bookmarks.

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Put Your Favorite Videocasts on DVD

With the emergence of podcasts and videocasts, along with the unlimited amount of blogs and other types of websites, the plethora of free information and resources is sheerly overwhelming. You simply can’t keep up with all the information you access or that comes to you on a daily basis.

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Macspiration 45 – 10 Frugal Tips

This week I decided to make a list of ways to use your computer to put some money in your pocket, keep some money in your pocket, or just ways to spend your well earned cash more wisely. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast 40
Download the MP3 from THIS LINK. Or simply go to our iTunes Music Store listing HERE. (Link will open iTunes)

This week, we reveal the winner of our Adobe Creative Suite Professional 2 contest. Many thanks to Adobe Systems Inc. for sponsoring this contest.

We go into the latest happenings in the Macworld thanks to our news partners at to start the show off.

Tim goes into detail about his new car audio system and how he connects his iPod. No more FM Transmitters for Tim!

Want to make your own DVD Extras disc? Tim goes into detail on how he made just such a thing for movies not even out, the new King King and Superman Returns movie. Wha? Hey, listen to the Podcast for all the details!

Click HERE for all the SHOW NOTE

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Consumer Electronics! We must be Crazy!!

I was going to write about something else, but a recent experience made a little bell go off in my head. Yep, I was searching for something to write about, and after what happened to me on a Sunday evening a few weeks back, I knew I had a better topic.

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