The alternate iTunes Shopping Cart

When I shop in the iTunes Store I use the shopping cart feature in iTunes. This way I can keep a list of what I might buy, and not empty my bank account by clicking “Buy Now” on an impulse buy all of the time.

Recently, I had a problem with my cart. I had an item in it that would not delete. I had to report the problem to iTunes support at this link:

In a couple of days I got an email from Support saying my iTunes cart had been reset. As a result, everything in the cart was lost. The email suggested making a playlist of iTunes items instead of using my shopping cart as a storage spot for items I might buy.

I never knew this could be done, and I am guessing many of you did not know this either. It is really easy:

1. Make a new playlist in iTunes and name it whatever you like. I called mine “iTunes Cart.”

2. Whenever you find something you want to add to your cart in the iTunes Store drag it to this list. It will appear there, demo playable, with an add to cart button. It is basically the same listing you would see in the iTunes Store.

3. If you combine video with audio you will get a warning message saying this is not recommended. You can make a separate list, or do what I did and ignore the message.

One note: If you drag an entire album to this list it shows as individual tracks, not the entire album (like it would in the iTunes Shopping Cart).

Hopefully, I won’t have to reset my cart again, but if I do I’ll have my list of items I might buy in a safe place and it won’t get wiped out with a reset.

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