iPhone + AT&T: Secrets and Surprises

Every little kid knows that there are good surprises and bad surprises.
If the Christmas package hides a box, it’s probably a toy and, therefore, a good surprise.

If it’s a soft package, it’s probably clothes and that’s a bad surprise.

The iPhone comes in a box and will probably be a good surprise with lots of neat features and more downloadable goodies promised later.

But more ominous, is the fact that we are locked into AT&T and, as of a week before release, that company has still not published the rate plan for the iPhone.

This could be a bad surprise . . . a very bad surprise.

This could actually be a deal-breaker of a bad surprise.

Here I sit, money in hand, ready to plunk down $499 x 2, plus buy my way out of SunCom for a hundred or two, plus sign up with AT&T for two years. I’m obligating myself for at least $2,200 EXTRA for a couple of cell phones.

Without knowing how much AT&T will charge?

Not bloody likely!

I’m not springing two grand for those iPhones for me and my wife until I know what AT&T is going to soak me each month.

AND! If it’s too much? — well — there’s nothing actually wrong with our current phones.

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