Apple 2005 Review

David Every wanted to look at the year in review (in regards to Apple) to reflect on predictions he had made.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast 59
This week, Chad and Tim and joined by webmaster Adam Karneboge. A little MyMac history, some good stories, the latest in Mac news, and reader feedback.

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Donny Yankellow The World of Witherspoon (via iTunes or Website)
i-Rocks Light-up keyboard
Mac news from

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Kenpo Jacket for iPod

How are you sporting your iPod , out and about during the winter months? Ever thought about an iPod jacket? Well the folks at Kenpo Inc. have created a jacket specifically designed for iPod users.

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Adobe Photoshop CS2

John Farr (Yes, the one and only) reviews Adobe Photoshop CS2 from an everyman Mac user perspective. Is Adobe Bridge an able replacement to Adobe Browser? How well will the software run on an older Macintosh, not the latest and greatest from Apple? Read the review to learn all that and more.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast 58
Tim and Chad talk all things Mac, including the biggest headlines from

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Christmas Aussie-style

Having accepted the invitation to join this blog, I suppose I’d better write something. But what do you write when you’re allowed to write

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The 12 Days of Xmas Gets Costlier

If you are thinking about buying your true love all the items for the 12 days of Christmas song this year, expect to shell out 6.1% more this year than last. The cost of gift giving has gone up.

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Video Review
i-Fusion – ZVOX 315

MyMac Video Review ZVOX 315 and i-Fusion

Tim and Chad of the MyMac Podcast do a video review of two audio products, the i-Fusion and the ZVOX 315. Running time 13:36, file size 57.6MB. Available only in MPEG-4.

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