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MyMac Podcast – 27

Podcast number 27 is now online, which you can download in MP3 HERE

This week, Tim and Chad look at the top stories from, our new podcast news sponsor! Check out for your daily Macintosh news, updated as the news happens.

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This week’s feature is Rate The Rumors. Tim and Chad take on six of the most persistent Mac rumors floating out there, and rate which ones they think have zero chance of being true, and those that probably have some grounding in reality.

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Dashboard is a metaphor for what’s right and wrong at Apple

First, let me say Dashboard is cool, it’s sexy, it’s got neat transitions, and it is the number one selling feature of Tiger. Second, let me say Dashboard is crappy User Interface design, especially compared to what it could have been. The old Apple (before NeXT) would have been embarrassed to ever release anything this narrow in scope, and totally missing the bigger point.

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Drag Bag Streetwinder

Owen and Nemo join-up for a review! When they saw these bags at last January’s San Francisco MacWorld Expo, we just knew we each had to try it, so we spent a l-o-n-g time with the company’s representative drooling over these bags, each of us for a different reason. Does Streetwinder meet our expectations and demands? John and I thought we had found the perfect missing bag. But did we? Read on!

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iPhoto 5 The Missing Manual
Book Review

iPhoto 5 The Missing Manual (iP5MM for short) is yet another example of a well-written computer software manual. Pogue and Derrick Story have been writing about iPhoto since version 1, and he’s got it down to a science. But with many new and important changes in iPhoto 5, there’s plenty of information to write about.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast – 26
This is our 26th show, which you can download in MP3 format HERE.

This week, Chad and Tim talk about all things Mac. We also change up the format a little bit, and introduce our new Focus segment. This week, we look at the .Mac question. Should you get .Mac or not?

Links from this week –
The Mr. Nice Guy Show

Weekly Archive of the week –
Key Cap Kids by Carolyn Curtis

This week, Chris Seibold’s Not Mac News!

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Click here to download this weeks show in MP3 format.
33 Minutes in length

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This week, Chad and Tim talk about this, that, and the other thing.

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Not Mac News #10 by Chris Seibold.

Want to help us out in the next MacMOD Video program? We are looking for ideas on what we should turn into a Mac, modify a Mac, or what have you. Listed to this show for more information, then email your suggestions to

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Skin Tight for iPod Shuffle

As the name suggest, this case fits the Shuffle tightly. It becomes almost a second skin in fact. (Hey, Skin Tight!) They come in various colors, including Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, and Black. Speck shipped a three-pack of them, including the White, Pink, and Black. I think the Black looks cool, but my wife likes the Pink.

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Download the May 5, 2005 PodCast HERE in MP3. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed by coping THIS link and plugging it into your iPodder software.

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Tim and Chad get caught up with some Contest winner announcements, including naming the winners from last weeks contest with Bob LeVitus! Who won? Did you? You got to download and listen to the show to find out.

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Brenthaven Pro Computer Briefcases

The search continues for that perfect 17” PowerBook bag with a serious contender for the top spot, the new Pro series from Brenthaven. While this may look like your typical over-the-shoulder bag, the Pro is lot more than that.

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After the Mac Mini, is there still a market for used Macs?

In a recent Podcast, editor Tim Robertson mentioned the fact that the introduction of the Mac Mini might well have made my recent Scroll Down Book “Buying Used Macs” somewhat obsolete. The argument boils down to this: with the Mac Mini offering Internet connectivity, enough horsepower to run most home and office software, and support for all the modern USB and FireWire peripherals, is there really any need to buy a used Mac at all?

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