PodCast Tiger Day with Bob LeVitus PodCast Tiger Day with Bob LeVitus

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This is a special, hour-long PodCast featuring Tim and Chad talking with Bob LeVitus. Topics include Bob’s new Tiger book, Bob’s take on Apple banning his publishers books at the Apple store, and much more.

Contest galore! Bob gives away copies of his new book, Mac OS X 10.4 for Dummies! We also give away ONE AlchemyTV DVR / TV Tuner thanks to our friends at Miglia! Be the first to answer the questions posed by Bob Dr. Mac LeVitus, and send your answers in to

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The Macintosh iLife 05
Book Review

The new edition, which covers the recent updates to Apple’s iLife suite (iPhoto, iMovieHD, iDVD, Garageband, and iTunes/iPod) is even better than its predecessor, if that’s possible.

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Solio Solar Powered iPod Battery Charger

The following review is not objective. I believe wholeheartedly in what Better Energy Systems sets out to accomplish. If this initial release of Solio is an indicator, we may be witnessing the first act of an exciting performance.

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PodWave Portable iPod Stereo Speaker

I intend to keep PodWave close at hand for listening around the house. It’s cute, affordable, convenient, reasonably sonorous, and it works! If you need ambient audio (mostly indoors, as opposed to outside or in the car), get one today.

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This week, Chad and Tim return to the home of Tad Scheeler, where we last recorded a show there back in January.

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This week, we talk about the Adobe purchase of Macromedia, and what it could mean for the computer users of the world.

Yes, we have a BRAND NEW Not Mac News with Chris Seibold.

Chad has a dead G4. Can Tim bring the dead back to life? Find out this week by listening to the show.

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Beware the Tiger

If you can wait, I would suggest waiting a few weeks, or at least days, after Tiger is released before installing it on your Mac. If you can’t wait, please back up your data.

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Seven things I hate about you – an open letter to the computing industry

There are some things about the industry that just drive me nuts. I’m not going to whine about how come there little rubber feet from my iBook came off so easily, or complain that Bill Gates just doesn’t play nicely. No, what bothers me are things that could be fixed relatively easily, or exist purely for the benefit of the manufacturers and retailers, or don’t seem to have any obvious advantages to anyone.

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Making a Case for WiebeTech was quick to recognize the innovative potential of WiebeTech’s entry into the portable storage product marketplace. CEO James Wiebe continues to expand his catalog with monthly releases that range from heavy iron aimed at IT and server clients, through specialized forensic units, to home or office drives and docks of all current capacities.

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Chad and Tim talk a lot about Tiger on this weeks show. Plus, a brand new Not Mac News by Chris Seibold

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Problem Solving Guy #3 – iPod and iTunes Music Collection

Nemo asks, and Guy answers, this time with personal insights into getting the best audio quality from your iPod and iTunes music collection — in the car, in the house, and wherever else your songs may reside.

Here is the third installment in our irregular, irreverent, idiosyncratic series of “Help me, Guy!” collaborations between John “Nemo” Nemerovski and Guy “Problem Solving Guy” Serle.

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This episode, a NEW edition of Not Mac News from Chris Seibold, the holy Mac Pontiff.

Todays software topic, Graphic Converter.

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