Waiting for Star Wars 3?

Tired of watching Star Wars 1 & 2 and anxiously awaiting SW 3? Need a fix of SW? Try “STAR WARS REVELATIONS”

Check out http://www.panicstruckpro.com/revelations/revelations_movie.html

Three years in the making by a totally unknown group of writers, actors and extras.. FANS to be precise, and $20,000 on maxed out credit cards. While it’s not George Lucas’s final cut running 2 hours of so, this 250 MB download of approximately 20 minutes worth of film, has it’s good points. Available as a Bit Torrent or http download, it’s enjoyable to see someone take a premise, work it out, put it all together and place it online for others to download and enjoy.

The special effects of space craft and chase scenes are very well done. Understand that there are a couple of points where the volume may drop down and you’re trying hard to hear and there are points where it’s so dark you begin to wonder if they ever heard of lighting when producing a film. (Guess they didn’t read Chris S’s ebook) All in all, however, it was a really nice diversion, relatively good background music and the acting was ok. The extras items at the site, as to how they did the special effects and some of the way filming was done and where, are really interesting and also worth checking out as is the entire sound track from the movie. By the way, others are now working on a manga-style comic of the film.

So if you want a quickie fix, check it out… have fun! And don’t forget to check out the great movie poster done by Sonia R. Hillios

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