Kibbles and Bytes – 501

Mac Treat #12, Maximize Your iPod’s Battery Life, Mac River Rockets, Epson Printer Driver Note, Dissects The Apple TV and iPhone

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The Health Care Crisis Comes to Town, Big Time

I was going to write about something darkly funny this time, but something has come up this week, and I feel the need to vent. It involves the near total collapse of our nations health care system. Sooner or later, it’s going to hit you where you live. I know, because that’s exactly what happened to me, here in Waltham, Massachusetts, this past week. I mean this literally.

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It doesn’t surprise me at all

Nope, It doesn’t surprise me at all.

As I have mentioned in some previous columns, I like to bike ride. I don’t race at all, save for a brief flirtation with low-level, “category 5” racing in the mid-80’s. I ride for the physical enjoyment, the exercise, all the usual “feel-good” reasons. I’ve been doing it for some time, I guess, having gotten my first “ten speed” as a teenager.

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