BAM! There goes the roof!

What the heck was THAT? Well, we did have a heck of a thunderstorm brewing, with very heavy lightning, thunder, and pea-sized hail. It lasted a few hours, and was really neat to watch. After the novelty wore off, my wife and kids had just finished dinner when the very loud BAM! sounded.

Could not find anything in the house, but we did notice a water stain on our dinning room drop ceiling. Those tiles are only a few years old, so I will have to replace at least four of them. Still and all, the new and old ones should match fairly well. If not, I will have to replace all of them.

Venturing out into the wild weather, I took a peek at our roof. Missing shingles! AGH! We purchased this house at little over four years ago, and had no problem. We actually have a very high and steep roof, as well as a not-so-tall or steep smaller (12X12 on each side) roof over the kitchen and lower attic. Thankfully, that was where the shingles were missing. The main roof shingles are in great shape. Looks like someone put new ones down less than a decade ago. But the smaller roof is another story all together.

So it was off to Menards to drop $120 to ten boxes of shingles, two boxes of nails, and a starter strip. Now all I have to do is get my don’t-like-heights ass up on the roof and lay the new shingles over the old ones. There is only one layer up there now, and I have been told you can simply lay the new shingles right over the old ones, at least one layer. Besides, there is no way I feel like ripping all the existing shingles off that roof first. It is not the ripping them off part that turns me off, it is the having to clean up the yard afterwards and haul them away in the truck part I don’t like.

Ah well. The joy of home ownership, made more fun when your house is as old as ours. Thankfully, I actually know how to do this, as I helped my brother-in-law do his just last summer.

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