Byte Me! – Translation Please!

If you have read any of my previous Byte Me! articles you may be aware of my slightly slanted views re: Computers and Operating Systems in particular. With the latest Windows XP and Mac OS X, we have the ongoing push by Microsoft and Apple to collect monies from the faithful. There have been many comparisons on the net about which system is best . My analogy below has to do with the emotional rather than the practical. You may find, however, that practicality may sometimes lead you astray while emotions give a truer sense of reality.

For this impractical but emotional exercise, let us look at the two operating systems above and how they might tackle the art of translation and meaning of a selection of French terms. May the best OS win.

Note: A knowledge of French is helpful but not necessary.

En Francais = Toujours l’amour
Mac OS X = Love always
Windows XP = Two days of love

En Francais = Bonne Chance
Mac OS X = Good luck
Windows XP = Bonnie takes a chance

En Francais = La vie en rose
Mac OS X = Life through rose coloured glasses
Windows XP = Rose Avenue

En Francais = Je t’adore
Mac OS X = I love you
Windows XP = Shut the door

En Francais = Pas de deux
Mac OS X = Ballet step
Windows XP = Father of twins

En Francais = Donnez-moi une baiser?
Mac OS X = Give me a little kiss, huh?
Windows XP = Where’s Donny’s Baiser?

En Francais = Voulez-vous choucher avec moi?
Mac OS X = Want to fool around?
Windows XP = Will you help me move the couch?

En Francais = Avez-vous des faim?
Mac OS X = Are you hungry?
Windows XP = Are you famous?

En Francais = Carte Blanche
Mac OS X = Anything goes
Windows XP = Blanche is in the cart again

En Francais = La femme fatale
Mac OS X = Dangerous women
Windows XP = Hold on to your . . .wallet

En Francais = Menage a trois
Mac OS X = Three way affair
Windows XP = I am three years old

En Francais = Affaire manquee
Mac OS X = Missed appointment
Windows XP = Monkey business

Ralph J. Luciani

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