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As memories of goodwill to men and the singing of Christmas carols fade from the hearts of the faithful let us turn our thoughts to a subject that is less sacred. My favourite topic is this realm is, of course, Microsoft – the Evil Empire, the Wicked Monopoly or the pearly Gates down under. But, as loathed as I am to admit it, the house of Bill has much that is holy – not blessed to be sure by definitely holy.

April 2, 2001
Microsoft is issuing a security patch for its Internet Explorer web browser, which could automatically open corrupted e-mail attachments without user intervention.

June 8, 2001
A computer virus that targets Web systems using Microsoft software packs a double punch. This time the worm is selective, attacking only Microsoft software and sending profane e-mail bombs to founder Bill Gates.

June 20, 2001
Windows Servers, XP Beta, Reveal New Security Flaws A new threat of infection in an old wound at Microsoft has again forced the software giant to issue patches for server software used on millions of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 systems, as well as the beta version of the company’s new Windows XP operating system.

Oct. 19, 2001
Microsoft has yet to find a security hole it doesn’t like, and Windows XP is no exception. In this case, the raw sockets feature can allow creators of denial of service (DoS) attacks untold levels of new power in their quest to bring the Internet to its knees. More

Oct. 22, 2001
Experts cite XP’s remote desktop functionality as the biggest potential security hole in Windows XP. By allowing a help desk individual to take over the desktop, there could be security exposures where hackers could slip in and take control of the machine if it is not handled and installed properly.

Oct. 22, 2001
Within hours of the operating system’s launch on October 25, malicious coders in Asia began distributing a software program over the Internet. The program allows users to bypass Microsoft’s Product Activation technology, which is designed to prevent users from installing a copy of Windows XP on multiple computers

Dec. 20 2001
Microsoft may have touted Windows XP as the most secure operating system it has made, but a security hole was discovered that could leave some people’s systems open to malicious attack. “This is pretty much the worst default vulnerability in any Windows operating system,” a security expert said.

Dec. 24, 2001
Less than two months after releasing Windows XP — dubbed its most secure operating system ever — Microsoft said it had detected a second serious security hole in the software. The company is issuing a patch for Windows XP, Windows ME and Windows 98 systems for what Scott Culp, manager of Microsoft’s Security Response Center, said is a “very serious vulnerability.”

Dec. 27, 2001
The FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center says there are two security vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows XP software that are susceptible to hackers

Jan. 14, 2002
Engineers are working to fix a glitch in a Microsoft Web server that has prevented Windows XP users from downloading software updates, including a patch for a security hole.

Jan. 15, 2002
Network and System Security
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After web publication of Bill Gates recent internal Microsoft e-mail on security he was asked about holes in various Windows products. During the questioning period, MSN facilities failed. However, before the connection was terminated it was believed that Mr. Gates was heard to ask, ÒWhat security holes?Ó

ÓDuring the question period he was also critical of Department of Justice officials who he characterized as being blinded in their frenzy to bring his company down. At one point he was thought to have said Ã’What’s good enough for Microsoft is good enough for the country.Ó What country he was speaking of was not immediately clear.

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Ralph J. Luciani

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