Bad People Never Survive

History shows us this. Bad people are strong. They are powerful. They are wealthy. More than that, they control vast resources and they influence millions of people to their way of thinking. When we look at them, we think they are unstoppable. We see no way in the world for them to be stopped. Yet they will be stopped. They will have an end one day, don’t you fear. History has never been wrong yet.

No, right now I am NOT speaking about Microsoft or Bill Gates!
I am speaking instead of men like Osama bin Laden!

History witnesses these men and their deeds. It does not matter how strong they are. History says they all go away. One day they are almost overcoming the world, and everyone on earth is fearful. The next day, you look for them and they are gone. Where did they go? Where is the New World Order they endeavored to build? Where are all their followers? Where is their cause, and all the evil they hoped to do to everyone?

Bad people never survive. You know this is true. The world has too much resiliency, and too much momentum to allow one person’s view to prevail over every other. This is as it should be.

It is as if there is a great reserve of good in the world. It does not matter which nation you point to. You will find there the basic goodness of common folk: The sense of kindness and fair play in most every family; The common business ethics of every merchant; The fundamental moral code of every society. These all speak to the great wealth of courage, sacrifice and decency that still remains in the people of the world, despite the efforts of some to destroy those things. Therefore, bad people will never survive.

A few weeks ago, I would not have believed these good things even about Americans. The news media was always bringing up muck on one official or celebrity or another. There was also a great monopoly who was/is threatening the computing freedoms of everyone. Common men were powerless, and had no voice against that. The world, and morality, was going to the dogs, right?

But the aftermath of September 11th only showed me courage, sacrifice and incredible bravery of common ordinary people, who unasked, stepped into the breach to help others, regardless of the risk to their own lives. In those moments, I was again very proud to be an American.

This is one of the main reasons that bad people will never survive. They now face the wrath of good people everywhere, who will rise up to fight against such tyranny as theirs. Whatever their cause was, it is now damned. Whatever they hoped to accomplish, it has failed. Where ever they flee, they shall be tracked down. The goodness of the common man demands it.

You know we do not stand alone in all of this, don’t you?

Oh, our enemies thought to bloody us, and thereby to show the whole world how evil we were, since their god allowed it to happen to us. But for some reason, the world saw something different. The rest of the world saw our bravery in response to these rank deeds, and they thought the blows we were given were undeserved. There is a great and wondrous unity in the world right now because of that, and a there is great energy and desire everywhere to make things right again.

Bad people will not survive because of the world’s love of freedom. When anyone looks at the countries where these totalitarians rule, they see only oppression and poverty. There is no freedom there, and little of anything else, including hope. Even those people who live under such regimes love freedom and prosperity. If they have no voice to say so, we must become their voice, and speak for them all, as we did in Kuwait. We must be the ones who will set them free, for there is no other to help them. This is one of the good things we can do in the coming times of conflict.

Bad people will never survive for another reason. Good always wins. If you have faith, read the last book of the Bible, or perhaps another book of faith. What happens in the end? Good wins! Evil is done away with. End of story!

You know me. I already know how all of this will turn out. I peeked ahead of history. I skipped ahead and read the final chapter in the Book. Guess what it says? The good guys win in the end!

Bad people never survive, and I say this for a final reason. This week, I was so proud of our nation, which has given the world blunt notice concerning the bad people who are doing such harm to everyone. The bad people will not survive US, either!

Be well,
Roger Born

Roger Born

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