Starting Line
My Mac Magazine #20, December 1996

Welcome to my first column of “The Starting Line” Hopefully, you will come away with lots of helpful hints that will make your meanderings through the Macintosh you bought a little bit easier. 😉

My goal is to get you past the very basics and talk about such stimulating subjects as tabs, key commands, special characters—all kinds of stuff that you may not realize you’re missing! The end result is you using your computer in ways you didn’t know existed and to improve your overall “Macintosh” experience!

The column will consist of a Helpful Hint or two, a Question & Answer section, and an Open Forum. So please, forward your questions to my email address: I’ll answer all of the questions I’m able to in the Q&A section. If it’s beyond my scope of experience/knowledge, it will go into the Open Forum for a response (hopefully!) by other readers of My Mac.

Before we get into Helpful Hints, let me tell you a little bit about myself. (Hey, you want to know you’re dealing with a professional, right?) Here goes: I work full time

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