Super Save v2.0.0

Super Save v2.0.0

Shareware: $10.00

“Oh no!!!! My computer just crashed. I forgot to save my 20 page report before I printed it.” Do you find yourself saying this often? If your answer is yes, then do I have a control panel for you. Super Save saves every keystroke you make into your system folder.


Super Save contains what they call a keystroke buffer size. This controls the size of your keystroke memory buffer used to save your keystrokes. When the buffer gets full, it saves it to the current save file. When the keystrokes are saved you can specify exactly how many days you want to save it in your system folder. Another neat little thing about Super Save is the “Password Bypass Toggle.” This allows you to temporarly turn off Super Save because you may be typing a password, or some other information, that you don’t want to be automatically saved.

This is a great program for students of any age that use their computer often to type reports or what not. I admit, the control panel is a little hard to get around in and get used to, but once you do, you will find yourself using it all the time. Those crashes are no longer as bad as they sounded now……are they?

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