Voyager S3 – A Review

Do you have external hard drives laying about the office? Wish you could use them with buying expensive enclosures for each one? You might like the flexibility the NewerTech Voyager S3 can give you.

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“Stuff” for your MacPro

If you own a MacPro, like me, then you know that this is Apple’s most expandable Macintosh computer though there have been rumors as of

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DIY Upgrade Bundle

When I bought my MacBook it came with a “spacious” 80GB hard drive that filled up quickly. Is your drive close to being full? If so, save a couple of bucks and learn how to replace it yourself by following these simple directions. You can do this.

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MyMac Podcast 190
Marriage of Mediocrity

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Do you have any fond memories of old computer games? Tim and David do, and chat about 3D Monster Maze for the ZX81 and Dungeons of Daggorath for the TRS-80. This is the last week for Bill Gates at Microsoft, and we chat about the possible Yahoo – Microsoft merger in the segment we call the Marriage of Mediocrity. Sam Levin kicks off the show with two Cool Mac Picks, the Myvu and Partners In Rhyme.

Other World Computing pick of the week:
NLU Products BodyGuardz for Apple iPhone
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Links from the show
Partners In Rhyme
3D Monster Maze
Dungeons of Daggorath

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MyMac Podcast #120
Apple Store Event

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This, our 120th weekly podcast episode, was recorded live at the Apple Store. Tim and Chad give away a ton of software and hardware during the events Apple Quiz. We also interview Dan Knight, publisher of, as well as Joel Mueller from Plus we announce the winners of our home contest. All that, plus a special moment at the end of the show.

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Special heartfelt thanks to the great staff of the Grand Rapids Apple Store, located in the Woodland Mall. They are the best!

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Variant Frequencies Podcast

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