A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator for the iPhone

Is there a doctor in the house? If you’ve got an iPhone, the answer is a qualified “yes” —now that you can access up-to-date, expert-reviewed medical content via A.D.A.M.’s Symptom Navigator for iPhone.

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Skullcandy FMJ iPhone earbuds and microphone – Review

Skullcandy; now there’s a naming success. Skullcandy’s a little company that markets a wide selection of headphones, earbuds, and accessories. I’ve never had any trouble remembering this firm’s name! Skullcandy’s target audience is the skater/hiphop crowd, but don’t let that (or their too-cool-for-school website design) drive you away, even if you lean more to the fuddy-duddy side of the spectrum.

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PRIMA SELECT Premium Leather iPhone Flip Case – Review

The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs get plenty of iPhone cases to review. Some are better than others. Unfortunately, Prima’s Premium Leather Flip case does not fall into the "better than others" category. While our review case was nicely made of leather, with several slots for credit cards or licenses, Prime seems to have not understood what makes a useful iPhone case.

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Flip Boom

Are you looking for an inexpensive, traditional style, animation program for you? Are your kids interested in creating animated cartoons? Are you a teacher looking for a great animation program for your class? If so, Flip Boom, by Toon Boom Animation, Inc is worth looking into.

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Gefen Wireless 2.0 USB Extender

Would you like to have your USB peripherals, especially shared printers, located away from different users’ computers? If so, you should check out this accessory from Gefen, Inc., that allows up to four printers and other USB devices to be located away from your computers.

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Drobo Storage Robot

MyMac.Com has reviewed different large multiple-disk storage products recently. They all share some common traits – multiple disks in an enclosure (USB or FireWire), looking like a large single volume, and some form of RAID technology applied. Next up, the Drobo Storage Robot from Data Robotics, Inc.

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MyMac Podcast

Contest Time! We announce the Prosoft Drive Genius contest winners, plus give instructions for the NEW Macromedia Studio 8 contest! Enter now, contest closes at midnight, Monday October 31st!

This is our longest show ever at almost an hour and a half. We talk the latest in the Mac world, how we record our podcasts, and so much more.

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Laptop Legs and Mac Feet

I own a newer PowerBook. And as anyone who owns a newer PowerBook (or any newer laptop) knows by now, it gets very HOT! Enter Laptop Legs and Mac Feet from LapWorks to solve the problem. When I first saw this product, I said, “No way, I’m not sticking those things to the bottom of my PowerBook.” But once again, after having my PowerBook get so warm I could not longer type on it, I decided to give them a try, and I am happy I did.

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