TechTool Pro 2.0

TechTool Pro 2.0
Company: MicroMat Computer Systems, Inc.
Estimated Price: $99.99

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It’s not very often that a really good diagnostic utility comes
around, and until TechTool Pro 2, Norton Utilities was my choice for fixing problems with my Macintosh. I had TechTool Pro 1.0, but it didn’t do much more than diagnose my problems, which wasn’t a huge help to me. However, that has all changed with TechTool Pro 2. TechTool Pro 2 is my new utility of choice, and it leaves Norton Utilities with much to be desired.

Testing, and then some…
TechTool Pro 2 can test any, and I mean, any component of your Macintosh. From your ADB port to your ZIP drive and everything in between, TechTool Pro 2 will test it, and if problems are found, will either fix them or give you “advice” on how to fix them.

The real beauty of TechTool Pro 2 is that it can correct many of the problems it finds. It will repair a multitude of disk problems that can affect B-Trees, Master Directory Blocks, Extents, File Allocation Blocks and many other file related problems. And TechTool Pro 2 is the only utility currently available that will correctly diagnose and repair Mac OS Extended (HFS+) formatted hard disks.

File Recovery
TechTool Pro 2 also allows you to recover lost volumes when disaster strikes, and have you up and working again in a few minutes. If the damage is too severe, it will recover all the lost files to another hard disk. Accidentally deleted files are also easily recovered. You can search by name or example, and it will be recovered within minutes.

This is all made possible by the new TechTool Protection control panel. With this control panel, TechTool Pro 2 can record and back up vital file data to make future recovery a snap. You can specify how frequently and when you want your data recorded, so you can have it record at times when you won’t be using your computer.

A new approach
TechTool Pro 2 is even more user-friendly than the first version, since you now you have the option to choose between two different interfaces: Standard and Expert. The standard interface has four categories: Drives, Chips, RAM, and Other. In the standard interface, all tests pertaining to these four categories are preselected for you, so you don’t have to have any technical knowledge to diagnose and fix a problem.

The expert interface gives you total control over what components you want to test, what tests you want to run, how complex those tests are, and in some cases, whether or not it should fix the problem. By being able to select certain tests only, you can isolate the problem quicker and more efficiently. The expert interface also has an “Auto-Pilot” option, which lets you select which tests to run, how many times to repeat the tests and whether to restart the machine in between test sessions. When the Auto-Pilot session is completed, you can optionally have the program shut down the machine. This is truly a great feature, especially if you want to leave your computer while it is testing, and not have to worry whether or not the tests are being run properly.

TechTool Pro requires a Macintosh Plus or above, System software version 7.0 or better, a hard disk drive, and a minimum of 4 megabytes of RAM. You can purchase TechTool Pro 2 direct from MicroMat, at or from The MacZone, 1-800-248-0800, at

The Summary
I really can’t say enough about TechTool Pro 2. Its ability to correctly diagnose problems, fix those problems, and recover lost data all in one application is amazing. TechTool Pro 2 offers ease of use that is unmatched by any utility today.

Some people may think that $99 is a little too much to ask for this utility, but I sure don’t! I have much better things to do than waste my time on a broken computer. Hats off to MicroMat. I highly recommend TechTool Pro 2 for anyone that wants to keep their Macintosh trouble free.

MacMice Rating: 4

Adam Karneboge

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