One thought on “TechFan 490 – Monitoring Themes 

  1. Great solo show. I also use 2 monitors (both 27-inch). One however is used as a “work from home remotely” monitor which means I can still use another for Mac stuff. How I use them as far as resolution goes has changed with my current condition. I find that for work (Windows remotely) I need to have a lower resolution and then go full screen so I can see everything. Once I did that, I also changed the resolution for my Mac monitor (both now at 1920 x 1080) so that there wouldn’t be a jarring change when switching between them. All that extra space I thought I needed (2560 x 1440 or higher) I think was mostly wasted just moving stuff out of the way. It’s strange that with the changes has come a different way of thinking about desktop space and how to organize it in such a way that works best for my new reality. Not better or worse, just different. Still organizing and this likely is only a first in many ways to adjust my computing environment to meet my current needs.

    I also agree with you that if you aren’t gaming, then your refresh rate doesn’t really mean much.

    Lastly, I always loved the MyMac theme, but after over 12 years I just wanted to mix things up a bit. Frankly it deserves to be heard and if you want to use it for TechFan or Geeks Pub you should. It does after all belong to you and Kevin did a wonderful job at creating such a bit of music that carries such emotion.

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