One thought on “TechFan 488 – Classical Apple Rode 

  1. The main problem I had was I had to get the hardware to talk to the MBP and get it set up for work (which involves many hoops) in a short amount of time. To backup the laptop, then reimage it with the Mac Mini backup and then make sure everything was working was going to take longer than I had (taking into account frequent breaks because of COVID issues) before having to log into work. It was easier to configure Chrome and the software we use to work remotely, from scratch (which I should have already done) than to wait for the various processes to carry through. The biggest problem was all the audio software to configure and test for the podcast which was secondary to what I needed for work. The title was certainly hyperbole as I wouldn’t go back to the way it was before with the speed we get now with the M-series and going forward.

    I’ve heard great things about the RODE NTH-100 headphones, but I already have a couple of good cans and frankly I don’t need ANOTHER audio segment to obsess over!

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