Let’s Talk Photography 113: AI Part 2 — Pros & Cons with Antonio Rosario

In part 1 Bart described AI’s evolution from a photographer’s point of view — first came classifiers (this is a photo of a dog and a tree), then came smart processing like computational photography on smart phones, auto edit buttons that actually work, and advanced editing tools like content-aware fill, and now, here comes Generative AI, the ability to generate images from scratch using some kind of prompt. Let me tell you what’s in the shot, then let me tweak it for you, and now let me create it for you! In this second part, Bart is joined by Antonio Rosario to talk through the pros and cons of each of these kinds of AI for photographers. This then sets up a follow-on conversation on Antonio’s Street Shots Podcast where Bart joins Antonio to talk through some of the artists, moral, and ethical implications of all this.

Episode Notes: https://lets-talk.ie/ltp113
Bart Busschots: https://bartb.ie/
Antonio Rosario: http://streetshots.photography @amrosario http://www.flickr.com/photos/amrosario

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