MyMac Podcast 800: Matters not it doesn’t

So the MyMac Podcast has been around for 800 shows. If you count the mini shows and one offs, it’s really been way more than that, but let’s just deal with 800 official MyMac Podcasts. So our official position is, let me know when we hit 1000. Also, we just passed the 84th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster.

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Guy’s Pick: No Way Home by SMG Studio, Free with Apple Arcade. Side space scroller where you’re the lone survivor of a terrible space accident and have to find your way home. Only problem is it’s been 9 million years, you have no idea where in space you are, and no one had ever heard of the Earth. Other than that, everything is fabulous!

Gaz’s Pick: Rode Podcastor 🙂 I bought a new one. Still waiting for it BUT.

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