Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones — In Ear

True Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones — In Ear

Helm Audio

$130 U.S.


You must try these new fully wireless Bluetooth in ear headphones. The fit is secure and comfortable, the build is stylishly rugged, and the sound is wowzer impressive full spectrum. Helm Audio is a new company that is not getting enough exposure in all the Best True Wireless articles that proliferate, which is an oversight by my colleagues in the media.

I rave reviewed the company’s similar original true wireless sibling earlier this year. Helm’s new True Wireless 5.0 Headphones are better. Sonics and electronics have really been improved. It’s not easy to get a geezer reviewer of legacy headphones and earbuds to switch gears completely, and Helm has done it. I anticipate enthusiastically having opportunities to wear their new true wireless model because with the correct large included ear tips I can listen immersively and comfortably for a long time.

True wireless headphones, all of them, require vigilance so you don’t lose them or worse, plus attention to keeping the charging case handy and full of power. The all black model of Helm’s True Wireless 5.0 Headphones is still difficult to locate in a gadget bag or tote or purse, so stick some bright reflective tape on the outer case. No white model of these headphones is available.

This product is recent enough that there are not a zillion Internet reviews yet. Do a web search for helm true wireless 5.0 headphones reviews and read the range of mostly very favorable comments. The promised auto-pairing of left and right earpieces is a bonus that was mentioned in my prior review, which you need to read also, please. I’m particularly satisfied with voice quality in both directions during cell phone calls.


I’m testing these in ear headphones now listening to Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. Brad’s vocals explode into the center of my head above crystalline, powerful instruments. Alison’s harmonies reside just to his right at a slightly reduced volume. The sonic experience is superior to being in a recording studio control room. Then Alison’s lead vocal enters with her extraordinary, singular timbre and relaxed presence. Brad harmonizes delicately on the second chorus. 

I have my iPhone’s volume slider one notch above halfway and that is plenty loud without being overpowering. The drums and bass support everyone; you need to hear the way Helm delivers true wireless Bluetooth bass. Stereo separation is on target, with the slide and electric guitars not getting in the way of one another.

In the acapella coda the three recorded voices merge together just enough to form a single sound, yet each can be distinguished from the other. This song has depressing lyrics but it is a joy to use as a demo track.

Halo by Beyoncé is a bit much for my taste, with its thumping introduction of a thousand hands clapping. Yet her singing coasts above it all in a tight mix. When the synth instruments and supporting vocals enter at the one minute mark I notice the treble bias to the recording that Helm’s True Wireless 5.0 Headphones handle with ease. 

Wynton Marsalis’ When It’s Sleepytime Down South feels like I’m sitting in front of the bandstand at a live jazz club performance. I’m having way too much fun at this imaginary club, wherever it is.


We are pleased to award Helm Audio’s new Bluetooth True Wireless 5.0 Headphones a rare perfect 10 out of 10 MyMac Review Rating.

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