True Wireless Headphones – Review

True Wireless Headphones

HELM Audio

$100 U.S. Available in black or white — get the white ones

HELM Audio’s new True Wireless Headphones are the best cable-free premium earbuds you have never heard. They fit fine, sound great, are well-constructed, have extensive Bluetooth range, and hold a charge for a long time. Passive external noise isolation is very good, as is listener comfort with several different ear tips included. The custom charging and carrying case is a marvel of design and efficiency. The price is outstanding value.

An IPX4 rating allows you to use these headphones in many outdoors and exercise situations: they are sweat and mud approved, but don’t overdo it. Bluetooth pairing between left and right units is swift and easy, as is connecting wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, and other audio source devices. The company rep tells MyMac that “HELM is also planning to release a TWS (true wireless) gen 2 later in the year that will have auto pairing, so stay tuned.”

Overall volume is ultra-efficient, meaning these headphones can get VERY LOUD, so be careful when setting your listening level. Bass response is huge. Midrange is slightly recessed, which is fine for most popular music. Treble is crisp and accurate. The stereo soundstage is tight and pleasant. 

You will hear aspects in your favorite music that you did not know were there, which is an indicator of premium audio craftsmanship. The sonic technology used in HELM’s True Wireless Headphones brings you both the best and the worst from the original recordings, with no artificial digital enhancements or blending.

Classical music and jazz sound different from these headphones than from typical listening equipment, especially with that strong bass presence. You will benefit from active equalization from your playback device or music app to tune HELM’s True Wireless Headphones to your listening sweet spot.

The physical ear segments appear to be giant and cumbersome at first glance. Don’t worry. By your third listening or workout session you will forget you have them in your ears. The color in our review sample is black on black, meaning it’s not easy to locate the power buttons or the left-right indicators. HELM could improve usability a bit with a minor style upgrade in the black buds; you may do better with the white ones..

Speaking of workouts, you won’t hear anything else with your music blaring, so always be aware of your surroundings. It’s tempting to use these immersive headphones while cycling and hiking, but you must always have safety in mind while on the trail or open road. The earpieces will stay in place during vigorous exercise.

I enjoy using these true wireless earbuds very much, and I predict you will also. There are several written reviews with photos and video reviews on the Internet that will help you decide to purchase HELM Audio’s new True Wireless Headphones.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10.

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