Book Book 2 for iPhone 11 – Review

Book Book 2 for iPhone 11

Manufacturer: Twelve South

MSRP: $69.99

Book Book 2 is a quirky all-in-one leather case and wallet for your new iPhone 11. Its leather-backed phone shell offers secure protection and is compatible with QI chargers. Your phone magnetically attaches inside the handsome leather journal so that your necessities are at hand when you’re on the go. Book Book 2 is beautifully made of premium materials and the workmanship, typical of Twelve South, is first rate. 

This is an odd case that will appeal to many but some may not find it useable for their purposes. It looks like a small, vintage leather book and camouflages your valuables by hiding them in plain sight. Magnetic tabs keep the book closed and tidy. While only slightly bigger than your phone in width and length, it is an inch thick. If you typically keep your phone in a pocket, this will be too bulky, however, it works well if you carry it in a pack, handbag, or purse. The shell containing your phone easily separates from the case so there isn’t much fumbling when answering a call. An additional feature, folding the cover backward creates an angled viewing stand.

Inside the front cover of the Book Book 2 are four slots for credit cards. The front slot has a window so that your ID is visible. Twelve South points out that this slot can also be used to protect your Apple Card. It is deep enough to prevent the metal card from touching the iPhone screen. Underneath the card slots is an ample pocket for additional cards or folded cash.

Twelve South’s innovative designers have created a handsome case for your new iPhone 11. It’s not for everyone due to its bulk but you’ll certainly stand out in a crowd of people with ordinary cases on their phones.

MyMac Review rating is 8 out of 10. 

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