TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Review

TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Limitless Innovations
$40 U.S.

TikiTunes Wireless Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker with “Atmospheric Lightning Effect.” The speaker is 5-watts, has up to 6 hours of playback and contains a built in light which looks like a burning flame. It is water and dust resistant and you can add a second TikiTunes speaker for stereo pairing.

Packaging for the speaker is well done and includes the speaker, USB charging cable and instructions. To set up the speaker, power it up and it will be in pairing mode. Connect your device to it via Bluetooth and you are ready to go. To charge, simply pull the rubber tab to expose the USB port and connect the charging cable to the speaker and power. 

The look of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker is a bit controversial in my house. My wife doesn’t like the way it looks, and my son and I like it. It has a beach feel and the light flame, while kind of a gimmick, looks pretty cool. The bottom of the speaker has a screw hold to allow attachments such as garden poles or tripods. 

I found it disappointing that you need two of the speakers to create a stereo pair. I know that stereo involves two speakers, but with just the one, it did sound too mono. Still, the speaker is loud and certainly good for listening to music or podcasts. It is not the best sounding speaker out there and at higher volumes there was some distortion. For the price, if the look of the speaker fits your island decor, this is a nice option for your outdoor luau’s.

MyMac Review Rating is 8 out of 10. Not the best sounding speaker and you need two to make a stereo pair, but for the price it sounds decent and can really light up a room.

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