Square Jellyfish Car Vent Phone Mount and Wireless Phone Charger – Review

Square Jellyfish
Wireless Phone Charger
Car Vent Phone Mount
$35.95 US Wireless Phone Charger
$17.95 US Car Vent Phone Mount

Square Jellyfish Car Vent Phone Mount and Wireless Phone Charger is a wireless phone mount for your phone. It is a combination of two products, the phone holder and the wireless charger. Although you can use these products independently of each other, this review is for the combination of both devices as they integrate well with each other.

The Square Jellyfish Car Vent Phone Mount and Wireless Phone Charger includes the vent mount, wireless charger, USB Cable and instructions. Packaging is done well and the instructions are clear. 

Installing and setting up the holder and charger is simple. The wireless charger snaps into place in the vent mount. Then attach the vent mount to one of your vents by loosening the back screw until it gets on the vent and then tightening it back up. Snap your phone into place and then rotate it until it’s at a good viewing angle. Tighten the inside bold if needed and then plug the USB into your car’s charger.

Once installed and with the phone in place everything just worked fine. The phone stayed in place and allowed easy adjustments such as rotating or pointing to the passenger. The wireless charging worked as expected and kept the phone fully charged during use. I have tested many phone mounts and some do fancy things like automatically lock the phone in place. The Square Jellyfish does not, however it holds the phone in much more securely than the others I have tried. More importantly, It holds my iPhone XS Max with the Apple battery case on it. I have tried three others that could not do this due to the thickness of the case. The other advantage of this setup is that you can remove the wireless phone charger out of the mount and use it at home to charge.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10. A bit more expensive than some other wireless charger car mounts, but it’s very solid and holds the phone securely. 

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