MyMac 744: Is it 744 or not Apple

Apples gives and then takes away…layers of confusion and it’s hard to say whether this was a good thing to take or a bad thing to give. Could be both. Meanwhile the GMen don’t dwell on it because of a short attention span and instead talk about ideology, Steve Jobs, the FBI, East Texas, and streaming game services. Oh and some kerfuffle about Facebook and privacy but hey, it’s Tuesday.

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Guy’s Pick: Behringer’s UMC204HD is a really good audio interface and is apparently popular and that has been noticed by retailers as the price has jumped by 25% or more since I bought mine last year at $80 but which is now $130. It has midas-ish pre-amps that are very clean and efficient and some of the best at this price point. It’s one to consider if you’re looking for an audio interface, but look for bargains as the price seems to be fluctuating.

Gaz’s Pick: Rogue Amoeba’s Piezo

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