Take Control of Mojave—Book Review

Take Control of Mojave
Author: Scholle McFarland
Publisher: alt concepts inc.
Version 1.0
Price: $14.99
106 pages, ebook format: PDF, EPub, Mobi

macOS 10.14 Mojave will be released on September 24. If you need assistance getting your computer ready for Mojave, check out my review of Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave. To help you get the most out of Mojave, the next book to read is Take Control of Mojave.

Take Control of Mojave brings readers on a deep dive of what’s new to the macOS, as well as teaching readers a few tips and tricks they’ve either forgotten over the years or didn’t realize were there all along. Like most Take Control books, it’s not necessary to read each chapter in order. Start with the first three chapters: Read Me First, Introduction, and What’s New In Mojave? A detailed table of contents makes it easy to go to the exact topic of interest.

You’ve heard about some of the new features in Mojave, like Screenshot tools, Quick Actions, Continuity Camera, and Gallery view. The author goes into detail explaining what these options are, and how to adapt them to your specific use case. Learn how Stacks can help keep your desktop organized, with additional power in using tags and sorting files inside a stack.

Have you been reluctant to use Siri on your Mac because you weren’t too sure what it could do? Rejoice! Now you can become a Siri power user. McFarland goes in depth about what Siri could do pre-Mojave, and what has been added to Siri’s capabilities. 

Apple believes in protecting their user’s privacy and security, so Mojave has expanded on those features. Take Control of Mojave explains what those settings are, how to access them, and how to make them work for you. 

Take Control of Mojave will be updated to version 1.1 once Mojave is released. Chapters on Mac’s Newest Built-In Apps, Explore the New App Store, Use iCloud Family Sharing, and Troubleshoot Mac Problems will be included, as well as other bits and bobs that have changed or have been updated since Mojave’s beta release.

What I like about Take Control books is that each book is about one topic. That allows the author to really dig in to the subject to find nuances and subtle changes the average user might miss. McFarland has looked in the nooks and crannies of Mojave so we don’t have to, permitting us to jump right to using our Mac. Take Control of Mojave is a helpful guide for both novice and experienced Mac users that will allow you to be productive with Mojave quickly and smoothly.

MyMac.com Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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