Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave – Book Review

Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave
Author: Joe Kissell
Publisher: alt concepts inc.
Version 1.0
Price: $9.99
114 pages, ebook format: PDF, EPub, Mobi


It is September 2018. For Apple fans, we know what that means: a new Mac operating system will be released shortly. To prepare for macOS 10.14 Mojave, Take Control publisher and author Joe Kissell has released Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave.

Many people get nervous when upgrading to a new OS; they worry about making a mistake, rendering their computer unusable. They fear their essential apps will no longer be compatible but don’t know how to find out before upgrading. Never fear! Kissell supplies the necessary hand-holding to get users prepared to hit the Download button when they’re ready for Mojave.

Kissell starts Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave with an overview of new features in Mojave, followed by what has changed in previous operating systems, helpful for users who are taking the leap to Mojave from a much older OS. The author continues with a discussion of Mac compatibility, backing up your computer in multiple ways and testing those back ups, cleaning up your Mac by deleting unused software and files, and updating third party software.

A large portion of the book is dedicated to the installation of Mojave. Kissell guides the reader step-by-step on installing Mojave either as an in-place upgrade or a clean install, and gives the pros and cons of each method. Once the installation is completed, continue reading to learn how to tweak settings and update software. The book ends with a troubleshooting guide just in case the upgrade doesn’t go as planned.

Kissell emphasizes throughout the book the importance of backing up your computer before making any changes. While it might start getting old to the reader it’s such a critical step that it’s worth repeating.

Many Take Control books can be read in any order. Due to the nature of this book, however, I recommend reading the chapters as they are presented, although sections can be skipped if they are not applicable to your use case.

If you are an experienced Mac user and feel comfortable with preparing your Mac for an upgrade, especially if you’ve done so numerous times, this book really isn’t for you. But if you’re a novice in the Mac world, or have any type of anxiety when it comes to changing your computer in any way, then Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave will be a helpful resource.

(NOTE: Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave is NOT a book ABOUT Mojave; it is about upgrading TO Mojave. Keep an eye out for a review of Take Control of Mojave.)

MyMac.com Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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