Retrospective 30 v2.0 Shoulder Camera Bag – Review

Retrospective 30 v2.0 Shoulder Camera Bag

Think Tank Photo
Retrospective® 30 V2.0
$200 U.S.

Retrospective 30 v2.0 is the best shoulder camera bag we have reviewed. Think Tank got everything right based on recommendations from their dedicated user and reviewer community. From a distance this shoulder tote looks like a beat up hunk of old canvas, instead of a “steal me” professional equipment carrier. At close range it has all the necessary features to contain and transport your precious gear for years. The cotton canvas used is both soft and rugged. The nondescript color is stylishly retro.

There are three strategically located large pockets to contain full size MacBook Pros and iPads. A spacious collapsable water bottle side pocket is roomy enough for the biggest water jug you will ever be prepared to carry. A shipping container of Velcro is used to secure every possible camera and stowage zone, in addition to there being a few zippers when they make more sense. The versatile off-deck removable upper grab handle is both flexible and rugged enough for all situations. Even better is the massive shoulder strap with its nonstick oversized shoulder pad. Travelers will appreciate the rolling luggage handle pass through.

Interior camera and lens dividers are movable to countless configurations. Massive front exterior zones are handy for items you need to grab quickly. A few less-evident pockets are suitable for passports, chargers, earbuds, cables, batteries, and other small incidentals. Think Tank’s compulsory rain cover resides in its own sleeve that is permanently attached to the interior so the raincoat never gets lost. All materials are water repellant, but don’t take Retrospective 30 v2.0 into the surf or rapids.

Think Tank has a forever warranty and a 30 day return policy (you pay shipping). They get very few returns because their equipment is excellent value and affordable for all serious photographers. Retrospective 30 v2.0 is a genuine bargain for its versatility, style, and quality at a great price.

Warning! This is a large camera case; it is the biggest one in the Retrospect v2.0 series. There are four smaller models priced from $150 U.S. to $180 U.S. Decide carefully which one is best for you, because a fully loaded shoulder bag is heavy and it requires a weightlifter to sling it for any distance farther than a stroll from the parking lot into the event.

I use Think Tank’s cases and rollers to transport my technical and audio equipment from home to the classes I teach at the University of Arizona and elsewhere. I can relocate and remove dividers to make packing and unloading quick and efficient, because I only have a few minutes to set up after the prior class finishes. I try always to use the same compartments for the same gear week after week so I don’t fumble around when I need a certain cable or charger or speaker or handout. Retrospective 30 v2.0 will, I already know, excel at this purpose, and it will fit seamlessly into my teaching workflow.

This durable shoulder case will also work well for overnight and weekend non-photographic trips for techies and normal people too. It is spacious enough for clothing and other personal items, after you remove or relocate the divider partitions.

As of this posting in early September, 2018, this camera v2.0 case lineup is new, so wait until more reviews are online if you need additional validation of its merits. The original Retrospective series has many rave reviews, and the v2.0 bags are better in several ways. The styling and materials in our review tote are expert quality along with the retro look that gives Retrospective 30 v2.0 its well-deserved rare perfect MyMac Review Rating of 10 out of 10.

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