Polaroid SnapTouch Camera and Photo Booth Kit – Review

Polaroid SnapTouch Camera and Photo Booth Kit
SnapTouch Camera (Amazon Link)
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$40.00 Photo Booth Kit (Amazon) — SnapTouch Camera $170 (Amazon)

Polaroid SnapTouch Camera and Photo Booth Kit is a digital instant film camera and a set of props to make a fun photo booth. The camera takes and stores digital photos that can be shared, displayed, edited and printed straight from the camera. It uses ZINK or Zero Ink paper to print out the photos instantly. These items are sold separately, however Polaroid suggests using them together.



Both the camera and kit are packaged well. They both scream Polaroid with the look and logo. The package includes the camera itself, instruction manual, USB charging cable, lens cover, strap and one pack of ZINK paper. The Photo Booth Kit includes a large backdrop, a small background, dry erase markers and props such as hats, mustaches and glasses.


Setup of the camera is fairly straightforward. Take out the demo paper and charge it using the included micro USB cable. Then attach the wrist strap. Once it’s charged up, open the back, insert the paper and close the back. The paper has a blue guide page that tells you which way to insert the paper pack. Turn it on by pressing on the flash button which makes it pop out. Set your language, date and time and you are ready to go.

The camera will hold ten photos on its internal storage, but has a slot for a micro SD card. Just point and shoot and the image shows on the screen. You can add some basic effects to the photo such as sepia, black and white, borders, stickers, rotate and zoom. There is a print icon on the display that will print the photo. And that’s it — you can keep the photo on the device or delete it.

There is also a companion app for either iOS or Android that connects to the camera using Bluetooth. The app lets you print photos from your phone to the camera’s printer. You can also use the companion app to install firmware updates for the camera.


Not surprisingly, setup of the Photo Booth Kit is a lot less technical and much easier. You can hold up the background, hang up the backdrop, write messages on the background with the dry erase markers and hold up the props to your photo subject. The kit includes sticks and double sided tape to attach the props. The props include lips, mustaches, glasses and hats.


The camera and photo booth kit are very entertaining, and that’s the point. The camera is not professional quality and doesn’t hold a candle to an iPhone camera, but again, that’s not the purpose of it. The camera and kit are meant to be at parties, weddings and gatherings. The display of the camera is not that crisp, but it’s clear enough to enjoy. The printouts are small and not as good as a film that’s developed, but that was never the point of a Polaroid. This set keeps the spirit and it works.

The photo booth kit is a great addition to the party as well. With everyone using their phone as their camera, its hard to gauge what a good price for a digital camera is worth. The Polaroid SnapTouch Camera is not trying to compete with them. The ZINK paper is $10 for ten prints. This is not the cheapest way to have fun, but it is fun.


MyMac Review Rating is 8 out of 10. Fun and nostalgic way to entertain at a party. Not the least expensive method of fun, but it is enjoyable.

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