MyMac Podcast 699: Just One Away

Holy moly, just ONE show away from 700! Actually since you’re reading/listening to the podcast, it is zero shows away. Or something, math is hard. Gaz not here this week, so my son Peter who is the owner of my former Mac Pro to talk about…stuff. We chat about the crazy issues we had with the three week odyssey of getting the Mac Pro working, the upcoming Apple event, and scammy/scummy ink jet printers and the companies who make them.

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Macstock Conference and Expo!

Guy’s Pick: Hardware pick this week. The Triton Audio Fethead is now selling for about $90 which is half of what it used to sell for. Adds clean 27db of signal with very little noise.

Gaz’s Pick/Tip:

Peter’s Pick: Disaster Artist Movie () $19.96

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