Essential Apple Podcast 80: And Bob’s your uncle!

Recorded 18th March 2018

Mark is otherwise engaged this week, so Simon is joined by Bob Wood, My Mac reviewer and Tucson MUG member to talk over some of the week’s Apple and Tech stories including Apple’s Field Trip event announcement, the GrayKey iPhone unlocking tool, the Facebook data breach and the fact that cyber criminals don’t always keep their word!
Sorry my side of the audio is not great again, I unwittingly messed up my noisegate setting and as a result I am a bit hissy and clipped – Simon.

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On this week’s show:


  • Apple Hosting ‘Let’s take a field trip’ Media Event March 27th – Mac Observer
  • Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 4 – Ars Technica
  • Audit of supply chain partners finds increased labor violations but overall improvements – ARS Technica
  • Apple Patent Reveals Dust and Spill-Proof Keyboard To Keep You Typing Fast – Inverse
  • Refurbished, high-end iPhones are suffocating the growth of cheap new Androids – Mac Daily News


  • World’s first rechargeable proton battery requires zero lithium – Inhabitat


  • This is the ‘GrayKey’ box used by law enforcement to unlock iPhones 9to5 Mac
  • 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach – The Guardian
  • Cyber criminals only honour half of ransomware payments – IT Pro
    • Wait! Criminals aren’t always honest and trustworthy or true to their word? Whoever would have thought it?


  • Give your Finder windows superpowers – Cult of Mac

Nemo’s Hardware Store (31:58)

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